DC Credit Protect: Assistance Income Protector!
The Assistance Income Protector Policy ensures that you can take care of your financial commitments, even if you're unable to work due to illness, disability or the inability to earn an income due to unemployment.
* Pays out a monthly income directly to the client.
* Supports your lifestyle and your family's financial security.
* Provides peace of mind that your financial expenses will be taken care of.

* Payout of R5 000 for 6 months, Max R30 000 for only R75 per month
* Payout of R10 000 for 6 months, Max R60 000 for only R110 per month
* Payout of R15 000 for 6 months, Max R90 000 for only R135 per month

We promise a win-win partnership.

#Income Protector

75 per month

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R110 per month

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R135 per month

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