Aunt Jackie's Perfect Type 4 Kit - Cosmetic Connection
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Aunt Jackie's Perfect Type 4 Kit

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The Perfect Type 4 Kit

Combined especially for type 4 curls, this kit includes all of the Coconut Crème therapies to help achieve mega-moisturized, healthy hair.

Aunt Jackie’s™ Coconut Crème Recipes can help:

  • Reverse chronic dryness, breakage & damage,
  • Restore & rejuvenate hair that has been over-processed,
  • Create a healthy moisture balance, improving porosity,
  • Smooth & shine rough, brittle tresses,
  • Give definition & bounce to waves, curls and coils
  • Fill in cracked cuticles.


  • Coco Wash 355ml – Coconut Milk Conditioning Cleanser
  • Coco Repair 426ml – Deep Conditioner
  • Butter Crème 213g – Intensive Moisture Sealant
  • Curl Boss 426ml – Coconut Curling Gelée