Perfect Tame Your Mane Kit

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Aunt Jackie's Perfect Tame Your Mane Kit

Get unruly tresses under control with this perfect trio from three of Aunt Jackie’s classic collections. Detangle, moisturize and style your curls with ease with help from ultra-hydrating ingredients like shea butter and olive oil.

Products Included:

  • Tame My Edges Smoothing Gel 69ml - SKU 14237
  • Knot On MY Watch Instant De-tangling Therapy 355ml - SKU 14231
  • Curl La La Defining Curl Custard 426g - SKU 14229

Tame My Edges – Smoothing Gel

Use on dry hair. Depending on your style choice, apply a small amount around edges, all over hairline or directly on hair, smoothing with your fingertips, or gently brushing in the direction of the style.

Knot On My Watch – Instant Detangling Therapy

Apply a generous amount of Knot On My Watch throughout hair, concentrating on areas that are more prone to tangles and knots. Comb through with a wide-tooth comb. Do not pull tangles. Apply more to difficult areas and gently comb in small sections, starting from the bottom of strands, moving upward, until comb glides through hair from roots to ends. Follow with Curl La La Defining Curl Custard.

Curl La La – Defining Curl Custard

For Scrunchy, Tight Curls: apply generously to wet or dry hair and use a diffuser while scrunching style into place, or allowing to air dry.

For Elongated, Bouncy Curls or Spirals: apply to wet or dry hair, gently stretching curls with your fingers as you style, using a diffuser, hooded dryer or allowing to air dry. For Coils, Braid-Outs and Twists: apply a small amount to sections of wet or dry hair, roller/rod set, braid or twist each section. Sit under a hooded dryer or allow to completely air dry, then release each section, finger styling into place.

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Perfect Tame Your Mane Kit
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