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Aunt Jackie's Perfect Type 4 Kit

Combined especially for type 4 curls, this kit includes all of the Coconut Crème therapies to help achieve mega-moisturized, healthy hair.

Aunt Jackie’s™ Coconut Crème Recipes can help:

  • Reverse chronic dryness, breakage & damage,
  • Restore & rejuvenate hair that has been over-processed,
  • Create a healthy moisture balance, improving porosity,
  • Smooth & shine rough, brittle tresses,
  • Give definition & bounce to waves, curls and coils
  • Fill in cracked cuticles.

Products Included:

  • Curl Boss Coconut Curling Gelee 426ml - SKU 13343
  • Butter Creme Intensive Moisture Sealant 213g - SKU 13344
  • Coco Repair Deep Conditioner 426ml - SKU 13345
  • Coco Wash Coconut Milk Conditioning Cleanser 355ml - SKU 13346

Curl Boss – Coconut Curling Gelée

Best when applied to wet or slightly damp hair. Depending on hair’s length & texture, apply a moderate amount throughout hair from roots to ends (using more for thicker or longer hair). Evenly distribute by raking through hair with fingers. Style as desired. For tighter, scrunchy curls or coils, blow dry hair on a light setting with a diffuser. For elongated, stretchy, bouncy curls or waves, apply, finger styling into place and either blow dry on a light setting, or air dry. For Protective Styling, use a wide-tooth comb to better distribute throughout hair before completing your style.

Butter Crème – Intensive Moisture Sealant

Use on dry or damp hair, as needed. Can be used daily. Apply a small amount in hand, rub palms together and apply all over hair, especially concentrating on the ends. With a wide-tooth comb or soft bristle brush, gently comb or brush through hair.

Coco Repair – Deep Conditioner

On clean, damp hair, apply a generous amount all over hair, making sure hair is coated from roots to ends. As an intensive repair treatment, cover hair with a plastic cap and sit under a warm hooded dryer for 10 minutes. Remove cap and rinse all traces of masque from hair. As a regular rinse-out conditioning treatment, leave on for 5 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. Towel blot hair and style as usual.

Coco Wash – Coconut Milk Conditioning Cleanser

Thoroughly wet hair, then work in a moderate amount of Coco Wash into hair, gently massaging into hair and scalp. Do not vigorously shampoo. For thicker, coarser textures that are prone to tangles, starting at the roots, shampoo by gently raking fingers through hair, all the way to the ends, carefully working through tangles. Rinse thoroughly, and then repeat to ensure that hair and scalp are clean and impurities have been rinsed away.

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Perfect Type 4 Kit
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