Black Like Me

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Black Like Me, Protein Shampoo 5L - Cosmetic Connection

Protein Shampoo 5L

R 134.90
For All Hair Types Cleanses & Softens
Black Like Me, Step 1 Perm Lotion 1L - Cosmetic Connection

Step 1 Perm Lotion 1L

R 74.90
Create Shiny Voluminous Long Lasting Curls For Perm And Blow Out Softens The Tightest Of Curls
Black Like Me, Moisturising Gel & Spray - Cosmetic Connection

Moisturising Gel & Spray

R 44.90
Moisturising Gel 250ml & Moisturising Spray 250ml Enriched With Silicones And Glycerine Defines Curls Moisturises Enhances Shine
Black Like Me, Hair Food 125ml - Cosmetic Connection

Hair Food 125ml

R 19.90
Black Like Me Hair Food 125ml - with shea butter & coconut oils Softens and elongates curly, wavy and kinky hair