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Darling, Soft Braid 20" - Cosmetic Connection

Soft Braid 20"

R 18.90
Introducing the Darling Soft Braid, a classic braiding solution that offers the best of both worlds with its blend of 100% Kanekalon Tiara II and Yaki Braid Fibre. This high-quality...
Darling, One Million Braid 20" - Cosmetic Connection

One Million Braid 20"

R 23.90 – R 32.90
Introducing the Darling One Million Braid – a classic, versatile choice for anyone looking to add flair to their braided hairstyles. Ideal for box braids, twists, and micro-braiding, this high-quality...
Darling, Mini Hollywood 16" #1 - Cosmetic Connection

Mini Hollywood 16" #1 4 Piece

R 80.90
Discover the charm and versatility of the Darling Mini Hollywood, a classic weave that redefines style and sophistication. This weave offers a unique blend of elegance and ease, making it...
Cosmetic Connection eCommerce, CosCon Gift Card - Cosmetic Connection

CosCon Gift Card

R 10.00 – R 1,000.00
Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Cosmetic Connection eCommerce gift card which is only available to use...
Darling, Vibrations 16" - Cosmetic Connection

Vibrations 16"

R 67.90
Introducing Darling Vibrations - your go-to choice for effortlessly stunning protective styles with a touch of vibrancy. These long, super-soft, and glowy spiral strands offer versatility like no other, allowing...
Darling, Yaki Braid 20" - Cosmetic Connection

Yaki Braid 20"

R 9.90 – R 13.90
Introducing Darling Yaki Braid – Your Ultimate Hair Transformation Solution! Elevate your hairstyle game with Darling Yaki Braid, the go-to choice for those seeking a realistic, affordable, and versatile hair extension...
FreeFlow, Braid Spray 250ml - Cosmetic Connection

Braid Spray 250ml

R 21.90
Rapid Relief Anti-Itch 5-in-One Relieves Itchy Scalp Controls Dandruff Moisturises Prevents Breakage For All Hair Types
Afrotex, Durban Dread 22" - Cosmetic Connection

Durban Dread 22"

R 69.90 – R 79.90
Easy, Fast, No Pain Natural Look, Softer Touch 24 Strands in one packet Product Information Itch-Free Anti-Bacterial Easy, Fast and No Pain Crochet Easy and the least time-consuming protective hairstyle....
Evita, Supreme Yaki Braid Assorted - Cosmetic Connection

Supreme Yaki Braid

R 9.50
Evita Supreme Yaki Braid Yaki braid is a type of synthetic hair extension used to add length, volume, and texture to natural hair. It is made from high-quality synthetic fibers...
Hair Nova, Ez2 Braid - Cosmetic Connection

Ez2 Braid

R 21.90
Hair Nova Ez2 Braid Hot Water Braid
Hair Nova, Yaki Braid - Cosmetic Connection

Yaki Braid

R 8.90
Hair Nova Yaki Braid Yaki braid is a type of synthetic hair extension used to add length, volume, and texture to natural hair. It is made from high-quality synthetic fibers...
Cosmetic Connection, Mannequin Head Silicone - Cosmetic Connection

Silicone Mannequin Head

R 129.90
Use for your desire Dimensions Head Size - 57cm Length - 27cm
Inecto, Inecto Hair Colour Cream 50ml - Cosmetic Connection

Inecto Hair Colour Cream 50ml

R 34.90
Guaranteed Permanent Hair Colour Creme Covers Greys Improved Non Drip Formula Includes Gloves Infused With Aloe & Milk Portein
Inecto, Inecto Henna Hair Colour Cream 10g Black - Cosmetic Connection

Inecto Henna Hair Colour Cream 10g Black

R 17.50
Can Be Used On Relaxed Hair Ammonia Free 100% Grey Coverage
Inecto, Inecto Rapid Hair Colour 50ml - Cosmetic Connection

Inecto Rapid Hair Colour 25ml

R 13.90
Guaranteed Permanent Hair Colouring No.1 - Deep Black No.1,5 - Black
Inecto, Inecto Super Black 28ml - Cosmetic Connection

Inecto Super Black 28ml

R 19.90
Guarenteed Permanent hair Colour Creme Aloe Conditioner & Gloves Inside
Isoplus, Isoplus Spritz 250ml - Cosmetic Connection

Isoplus Spritz 250ml

R 54.90
Designing & Holding Reversion Resistant Firm Hold Body & Volume Shine
Isoplus, Isoplus Neautralizing Shampoo 250ml - Cosmetic Connection

Isoplus Neautralizing Shampoo 250ml

R 20.90
Leaves Hair Squeaky Clean Neutralizes All Relaxer Types Restores PH Balance, PH 5.5 Build In Colour Alarm