Easyclean Range

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Easyclean, Easyclean Green Scourer Pads - Cosmetic Connection

Easyclean Green Scourer Pads

R 3.50 – R 14.90
Easyclean Green Scourer Pads
Easyclean, Easyclean Steelwool Rolls 100g - Cosmetic Connection

Easyclean Steelwool Rolls 100g

R 21.90
Easyclean Steelwool Rolls 100g
Easyclean, Easyclean Pot Scourers 3's - Cosmetic Connection

Easyclean Pot Scourers 3s

R 11.50
Easyclean Abrasive Wire Pot Scourers 3's
Easyclean, Easyclean Kitchen Kit - Cosmetic Connection

Kitchen Cleaning Kit

R 33.90
Easyclean Kitchen Cleaning Kit Introducing our Kitchen Cleaning Kit, the ultimate solution for tackling tough cleaning tasks in your kitchen. This comprehensive kit includes a range of essential tools to...
Easyclean, Easyclean Brass Pot Cleaner - Cosmetic Connection

Easyclean Brass Pot Cleaner

R 15.90
Easyclean Brass Pot and Pan Cleaner Longer Lasting and Non Rusting
Easyclean, Easyclean Scruffy Cleaning Pad - Cosmetic Connection

Easyclean Scruffy Cleaning Pad

R 13.90
Easyclean Scruffy Cleaning Pad
Easyclean, Sponge Scourers 3 Pack - Cosmetic Connection

Sponge Scourers 3 Pack

R 14.90
Easyclean Sponge Scourers 3 Pack
Easyclean, Easyclean Steelwool Skeins - Cosmetic Connection

Steel Wool Skeins 200g

R 30.90
Easyclean Steel Wool Skeins 200g Introducing our high-quality steel wool, a versatile and reliable tool for various applications. This product is made from fine-grade steel fibers, carefully woven together to...