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X-Pression, Ultra Braid - Cosmetic Connection

Ultra Braid 82" made with 100% Kanekalon Fiber

R 50.90
X-Pression Ultra Braid 82" made with 100% Kanekalon Fiber X-pression Ultra Braid is a high-quality, synthetic hair braiding extension that is popular among individuals who love to experiment with different...
Darling, One Million Braid 20" - Cosmetic Connection

One Million Braid 20"

R 25.90 – R 32.90
Introducing the Darling One Million Braid – a classic, versatile choice for anyone looking to add flair to their braided hairstyles. Ideal for box braids, twists, and micro-braiding, this high-quality...
Darling, Passion Twist 30" - Cosmetic Connection

Passion Twist 30"

R 149.90
Step into a world of effortless elegance with the Darling Passion Twist from our Naturals Crochet collection. This trendy and beautiful hairstyle is the epitome of class and economy, designed...
Darling, Yaki Braid 20" - Cosmetic Connection

Yaki Braid 20"

R 9.50 – R 13.90
Introducing Darling Yaki Braid – Your Ultimate Hair Transformation Solution! Elevate your hairstyle game with Darling Yaki Braid, the go-to choice for those seeking a realistic, affordable, and versatile hair extension...
Hair Nova, Spring Twist - Cosmetic Connection

Spring Twist

R 49.90
Hair Nova Spring Twist 12 Strings in Package 8 Inches Strings Net Weight of Package: 90g Packets needed: 2 - 4 Packets depending on Desired Look
Darling, Marley Kinky Braid 14" - Cosmetic Connection

Marley Kinky Braid 14"

R 80.90 – R 81.90
Embrace the elegance and style with the Darling Marley Kinky Braid, a perfect blend of fashion and comfort. Designed to enhance your look, these Marley Kinky Twists evolve beautifully over...
Afrotex, Londie London Braid 100" Knotless Braid - Cosmetic Connection

Londie London Knotless Braid 100"

R 46.90
Afrotex Londie London Braid 100" Knotless Braid Longest Braid in Africa Afrotex Londie London Braid 100" is a high-quality synthetic hair extension that is designed to create beautiful and versatile...
Afrotex, Yaki Braid 24" - Cosmetic Connection

Yaki Braid 24"

R 8.90 – R 10.90
Afrotex Yaki Braid 24 Inches Yaki braid is a type of synthetic hair extension used to add length, volume, and texture to natural hair. It is made from high-quality synthetic...
X-Pression, Rich Braid - Cosmetic Connection

Rich Braid 75" 100% Kanekalon Fiber

R 69.90
X-Pression Rich Braid 75" made with 100% Kanekalon Fiber X-pression Rich Braid is a high-quality, synthetic braiding hair that is designed to look and feel like natural hair. Made from...
Darling, Loose Braid - Cosmetic Connection

Loose Braid 6 Piece

R 159.90
Luxurious, Natural-Looking Hair Braids. Elevate your hairstyle with the Darling Loose Braid, the epitome of luxury in hair braiding. Crafted with 100% superior quality hair, these loose braids are designed...
Magic, Kinky Bulk - Cosmetic Connection

Kinky Bulk

R 57.90
Magic Kinky Bulk Switch your style 24/7
Afrotex, Durban Dread 22" - Cosmetic Connection

Durban Dread 22"

R 69.90 – R 79.90
Easy, Fast, No Pain Natural Look, Softer Touch 24 Strands in one packet Product Information Itch-Free Anti-Bacterial Easy, Fast and No Pain Crochet Easy and the least time-consuming protective hairstyle....
Afrotex, Shonisani Braid 31" - Cosmetic Connection

Shonisani Braid 31"

R 18.89 – R 23.90
2 Piece Bundle Product Info Shonisani. 100% Speical premium fiber. Pre-stretched. Tangle free. Featuring actress: Shonisani M How To Care 1) Wash your hair well before installation 2) If you...
Magic, Freedom - Cosmetic Connection


R 51.90
Magic Freedom - Switch your style 24/7 100% Premium synthetic hair Best Quality for your hair
Afrotex, Afro Kinky - Cosmetic Connection

Afro Kinky Crochet Braid

R 77.90
100% Quality Japanese Fiber Crochet Braid Easy, No Pain & Fast How To Install Cornrow your hair all back -Add the crochet hair bit-by-bit using a crochet needle -Slide the...
Afrotex, Runway Braid 28" - Hot Water Curl - Cosmetic Connection

Runway Braid 28" - Hot Water Curl

R 79.90
Afrotex Runway Braid 28" - Hot Water Curl
Afrotex, Eco Dread 22" #1 - Cosmetic Connection

Eco Dread 22" - One Pack Solution

R 99.90
Afrotex Eco Dread 22" - One Pack Solution Total hair collection. One Pack Solution.
Magic, Mink Yaki 4Pcs - Cosmetic Connection

Mink Yaki 4Pcs

R 109.90 – R 119.90
Magic Mink Yaki 16", 18" & 20" 4 Pieces 1 Pack finishes the style Tangle free, Better combing, Best temperature for Curling