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High Power, Love Drops 5ml - Cosmetic Connection

Love Drops 5ml

R 11.50
High Power Love Drops 5ml Love Drops Oil acts as a powerful aphrodisiac! Use to create the mood for romance and sensuality. Perfect for attracting and keeping the one you...
High Power, Mpukane Oil 100ml - Cosmetic Connection

Mpukane Oil 100ml

R 16.50
Highpower Isiwasho Mpukane Oil 100ml
High Power, Liquid Vimbela 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Liquid Vimbela 20ml

R 12.90
High Power Liquid Vimbela 20ml
High Power, Bheka Mina Oil 100ml - Cosmetic Connection

Bheka Mina Oil 100ml

R 17.90
This medicine will make the one you love focus on you only The powerful one
High Power, Bheka Mina Powder 200g - Cosmetic Connection

Bheka Mina Powder 200g

R 12.90
The powerful one For external use only Bheka Mina Ngedwa
High Power, Vimbela 20g - Cosmetic Connection

Vimbela 20g

R 11.90
Helps with pain relief and help alleviate sleeplessness Rub a small amount on the area which needs treatment
High Power, Phyto Capsules - Cosmetic Connection

Phyto Capsules

R 20.90 – R 36.50
Highpower Phyto 2 Capsules Male sexual vitality capsule Bigger Harder Longer 72 Hour Potency
High Power, Bangalala Sex Mixture 500ml - Cosmetic Connection

Bangalala Sex Mixture 500ml

R 44.50
The powerful one Bangalala sex mixture
High Power, Bangalala Powder 40g - Cosmetic Connection

Bangalala Powder 40g

R 26.90
High Power Bangalala Powder 40g - Fast Up The Powerful One
High Power, Isiwasho Powder - Cosmetic Connection

Bhubesi Isiwasho Powder 475g

R 20.90
High Power Bhubesi Isiwasho Powder 475g Isiwasho Powder is blessed water and can cure many ills. Both spiritual and physical
High Power, Liquid Snuff 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Liquid Snuff 20ml

R 11.90
Highpower Liquid Snuff 20ml
High Power, Special Muti 500ml - Cosmetic Connection

Special Muti 500ml

R 16.50
Special herbs for all sickness May cure 30 Sicknesses Half a cup once a night
High Power, Muscle Rub 50g - Cosmetic Connection

Muscle Rub 25g

R 8.90
High Power Muscle Rub 25g Muscle Rub is an invigorating balm for applying to aching, stiff muscles. Great for ‘warming up’ sore limbs and easing back and neck aches  
High Power, M.C.O. Chest Rub 50g - Cosmetic Connection

M.C.O. Chest Rub 50g

R 16.50
High Power M.C.O. Chest Rub 50g M.C.O. Chest Rub, a natural and effective way to alleviate coughs and congestion. Made with high-quality ingredients such as coconut oil, eucalyptus, and menthol,...
High Power, Indian Pills 40's - Cosmetic Connection

Indian Pills 40s

R 16.50
Highpower Indian Pills 40 Piece Indian Pills appears to look like a peanut. People peel the outside shell of the Indian Pill off and inside is a bean. They crush...
High Power, Black Bull 40g - Cosmetic Connection

Black Bull 40g

R 24.90
The powerful one Black bull all night long action Inkunz' Emyama
High Power, Sea Water 750ml - Cosmetic Connection

Sea Water 750ml

R 11.90
The powerful one Pure sea water
High Power, Ityelamgodi 500g - Cosmetic Connection

Ityelamgodi 500g

R 15.90
The powerful one Reach new levels