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Lemonvate, Lemonvate Complexion Cream 50g - Cosmetic Connection

Lemonvate Complexion Cream 50g

R 32.90
For a bright and even skin tone Leaves your skin with that inspiring certainty of being completely and naturally cared for Lemonvate supports and regulate the skin's natural functions of...
Lemonvate, Lemonvate Complexion Soap 75g - Cosmetic Connection

Lemonvate Complexion Soap 75g

R 28.90
The powerful skincare soap This soap has been specifically formulated to assist with acne, pimples and oily skin. Lemon extracts reduces the impurities and purifies while refreshing the skin Directions...
Lemonvate, Lemonvate Vanishing Cream 30g - Cosmetic Connection

Lemonvate Vanishing Cream 30g

R 22.90
For an Even & Matte Complexion Lemonvate vanishing cream is specially formulated with real lemon extract to assist by absorbing excessive oilyness from the skin, thereby ensuring a matte &...