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Lennon, Haarlamensis 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Haarlamensis 20ml

R 34.90
Lennon Haarlemensis 20ml Traditionally been used for kidney and bladder complaints  
Lennon, Entressdruppels 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Entressdruppels 20ml

R 34.90
Lennon Entressdruppels 20ml Used for the treatment of nervousness, restlessness and sleeplessness. It is also recommended in the treatment of pains associated with winds in the stomach and bowels. Contains...
Lennon, Borsdruppels 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Borsdruppels 20ml

R 34.90
Lennon Borsdruppels 20ml Helps to relieve the symptoms of croup, coughs and bronchitis. Contains ingredients such as liquorice extract, fennel oil and aniseed oil.
Lennon, Bergamotessens 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Bergamotessens 20ml

R 34.90
Lennon Bergamotessens 20ml
Lennon, Groen Amara 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Groen Amara 20ml

R 34.90
Lennon Essens Amara of Groen Amara 20ml This tonic helps to improve appetite. Contains Herb Cardui Benedict and Quassia.
Lennon, Jamaika Gemmer 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Jamaika Gemmer 20ml

R 34.90
Lennon Jamaika Gemmer 20ml For the treatment of colic, winds, pains in the stomach and indigestion.
Lennon, Peppermintdruppels 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Peppermintdruppels 20ml

R 34.90
Lennon Peppermintdruppels 20ml Aids in the relief of flatulence. Contains peppermint oil
Lennon, Behoedmiddel 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Behoedmiddel 20ml

R 34.90
Lennon Behoedmiddel for Children 20ml For the treatment of bloated, stomach ache, and diarrhea
Lennon, Lewensessens - Cosmetic Connection

Essence of Life Mixture 50ml

R 45.90
Lennon Essence of Life Mixture 50ml For the relief of constipation and liver complaints caused by overheating or constipation
Lennon, Staaldruppels 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Staaldruppels 20ml

R 34.90
Lennon Staaldruppels DM 20ml Used to stop bleeding in minor cuts and wounds.
Lennon, Wonderkroonessens 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Wonderkroonessens 20ml

R 34.90
Lennon Wonderkroonessens 20ml An effective preparation for the treatment of constipation, winds and indigestion.
Lennon, Balsem Vita Wit 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Balsem Vita Wit 20ml

R 34.90
Lennon Balsem Vita Wit 20ml Soothes gastric discomfort and flatulent colic
Lennon, Versterkdruppels 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Versterkdruppels 20ml

R 34.90
Lennon Versterkdruppels 20ml An excellent tonic preparation that restores vitality and appetite
Lennon, Stuipdruppels 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Stuipdruppels 20ml

R 34.90
Lennon Stuipdruppels 20ml
Lennon, Witdulsies 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Witdulsies 20ml

R 34.90
Lennon Witdulsies 20ml For the treatment of dizziness and mild asthma attacks. Can also be used for the treatment of colds and fever
Lennon, Essence of Life Mixture 100ml - Cosmetic Connection

Essence of Life Mixture 100ml

R 61.90
Lennon Essence of Life Mixture 100ml