Tri Med - Brand

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Tri Med, Sulphur 40g - Cosmetic Connection

Sulphur 40g

R 10.50
Tri Med Sulphur 40g
Tri Med, Eucalyptus Salt - Cosmetic Connection

Eucalyptus Salt 200g

R 10.90
Tri Med Eucalyptus Salt 200g Clears chest. Keeps bugs away. Disinfects wounds. Breathe easier. Soothes cold sores. Eases joint pain
Tri Med, Surgical Spirits 50ml - Cosmetic Connection

Surgical Spirits 50ml

R 12.90
Surgical spirit is a liquid which is used to clean wounds or surgical instruments. It consists mainly of alcohol
Tri Med, Mist Alba Mixture 100ml - Cosmetic Connection

Mist Alba Mixture 100ml

R 14.90 – R 16.90
Mist Alba White Mixture Of Magnesium Sulphate is made with a mixture of magnesium sulphate and magnesium carbonate to help bring relief from mild constipation Mist alba is a laxative...
Tri Med, Foot Powder 50g - Cosmetic Connection

Foot Powder 50g

R 18.50
Tri Med Foot Powder 50g
Tri Med, Glycerine & Borax 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Glycerine & Borax 20ml

R 9.50
Tri Med Glycerine & Borax 20ml
Tri Med, Aloes 15g - Cosmetic Connection

Aloes 15g

R 8.50
Tri Med Aloes 15g
Tri Med, Alum Lump 50g - Cosmetic Connection

Alum Lump 50g

R 15.90
Tri Med Alum Lump 50g
Tri Med, Glycerine & Borax 50ml - Cosmetic Connection

Glycerine & Borax 50ml

R 13.50
Tri Med Glycerine & Borax 50ml
Tri Med, Senna Pods 15g - Cosmetic Connection

Senna Pods 15g

R 9.90
Tri Med Senna Pods 15g
Tri Med, Eucalyptus Salt 500g - Cosmetic Connection

Eucalyptus Salt 500g

R 19.50
Tri Med Eucalyptus Salt 500g