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Henro, Caramel Chip Cookies 160G - Cosmetic Connection

Caramel Chip Cookies 160G

R 17.90
Henro Caramel Chip Cookies 160G Salted Caramel
Henro, Choc Chip Cookies 160g - Cosmetic Connection

Choc Chip Cookies 160g

R 17.90
Henro Choc Chip Cookies 160g
Henro, Ginger Cookies 175g - Cosmetic Connection

Ginger Cookies 175g

R 17.90
Crunchy ginger cookies
Henro, Lemon Creams Biscuits 150g - Cosmetic Connection

Lemon Creams Biscuits 150g

R 10.90
Lemon Creams Biscuits 150g For the Whole family
Henro, Marie Biscuits 150g - Cosmetic Connection

Marie Biscuits 150g

R 10.90
Henro Marie Biscuits 150g For the Whole Family. Trans Fat Free.
Henro, My Crunchies Cookies 175g - Cosmetic Connection

My Crunchies Cookies 175g

R 17.90
Whole grain oats with real coconut Trans fat free
Henro, Super Creams Double Choc 125g - Cosmetic Connection

Super Creams Biscuits 125g

R 8.50
Henro Super Creams Biscuits 125g