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Kowie, Behoedmiddel 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Behoedmiddel 20ml

R 26.90
Kowie Behoedmiddel 20ml For the treatment of bloated, stomach ache, and diarrhea
Kowie, Blue Butter 12g - Cosmetic Connection

Blue Butter 12g

R 25.90
Kowie Blue Butter 12g
Kowie, Borsdruppels 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Borsdruppels 20ml

R 36.90
Kowie Borsdruppels 20ml Helps to relieve the symptoms of croup, coughs and bronchitis. Contains ingredients such as liquorice extract, fennel oil and aniseed oil
Kowie, Chest & Lung Tonic 150ml - Cosmetic Connection

Chest & Lung Tonic 150ml

R 104.90
Kowie Chest and Lung Tonic 150ml Can be used for Chronic Coughs, Colds and Lung Complaints
Kowie, Duiwelsdrek Druppels 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Duiwelsdrek Druppels 20ml

R 46.90
Kowie Duiwelsdrek Druppels 20ml For relief of stomach pains associated with excessive amounts of air or gases
Kowie, Entressdruppels 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Entressdruppels 20ml

R 37.90
Kowie Entressdruppels 20ml Used for the treatment of nervousness, restlessness and sleeplessness. It is also recommended in the treatment of pains associated with winds in the stomach and bowels.
Kowie, Glucose Powdered Medicinal 100g - Cosmetic Connection

Glucose Powdered Medicinal 100g

R 24.90
Kowie Crown Glucose Powdered Medicinal 100g An excellent tonic for nervous debility, weakness, lassitude and lack of energy
Kowie, Groen Amara 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Groen Amara 20ml

R 29.90
Kowie Groen Amara 20ml This tonic helps to improve appetite
Kowie, Haarlamensis 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Haarlamensis 20ml

R 35.90
Kowie Haarlamensis 20ml Traditionally been used for kidney and bladder complaints
Kowie, Heart & Nerve Tonic 50ml - Cosmetic Connection

Heart & Nerve Tonic 50ml

R 38.90
Kowie Heart & Nerve Tonic 50ml Indicated as a stimulant for faintness, giddiness, heart palpitations and nervousness  
Kowie, Krampdruppels 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Krampdruppels 20ml

R 45.90
Kowie Krampdruppels 20ml For the relief of stomach cramps & female period pains
Kowie, Lewensessens 50ml - Cosmetic Connection

Lewensessens 50ml

R 45.90
Kowie Lewensessens 50ml For the relief of constipation and liver complaints caused by overheating or constipation
Kowie, Pupuma Ear Drops 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Pupuma Ear Drops 20ml

R 19.90
Kowie Pupuma Ear Drops 20ml
Kowie, Pure Cape Aloes Lump 15g - Cosmetic Connection

Pure Cape Aloes Lump 15g

R 21.90
Kowie Pure Cape Aloes Lump 15g Mainly used for its laxative properties but is also taken for arthritis
Kowie, Rooi Lavental 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Rooi Lavental 20ml

R 39.90
Kowie Rooi Lavental 20ml For the relief of Indigestion, Cramps and Flatulence
Kowie, Stuip Druppels 20ml - Cosmetic Connection

Stuip Druppels 20ml

R 54.90
Kowie Stuip Druppels 20ml For the relief of nervousness, sleeplessness and stomach cramps