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12 in 1 Hair Treatment Conditioning Cream 1kg

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Introducing the revolutionary 12 in 1 Hair Treatment Conditioning Cream, your ultimate solution to combat hair damage and restore vitality. This 1kg powerhouse is packed with a blend of natural ingredients and advanced formulations designed to address the most common hair concerns. Enriched with Vitamin E and D-panthenol, alongside a potent mix of vegetal keratin, avocado oil, silicone, argan oil, and more, this conditioning cream works wonders on your hair, offering spectacular restoration and vital nutrients. Say goodbye to dryness, split ends, dullness, roughness, brittleness, dehydration, porosity, and vitality loss. Transform your hair into a beacon of health and radiance with every use.

Key Features: Intensive Repair: Targets signs of damage including dryness, split ends, and brittleness for comprehensive restoration. Moisture Boost: Deeply hydrates with ingredients like shea butter, avocado oil, and argan oil to combat dehydration. Enhanced Shine & Softness: Silicone and vegetal ceramides smooth hair, enhancing shine and softness. Protein Rich: Wheat, rice proteins, and vegetal keratin strengthen hair, improving elasticity and reducing breakage. Antioxidant Protection: Vitamin E and sugarcane extract shield hair from environmental stressors, preserving its health and color. Natural Nourishment: Free from harmful chemicals, focusing on natural oils and extracts to provide care. Versatile Use: Suitable for all hair types, especially those experiencing signs of damage and vitality loss. Large 1kg Size: A generous size for prolonged use, ensuring your hair remains consistently cared for.

Transform your hair with the 12 in 1 Hair Treatment Conditioning Cream – the only product you need for lush, vibrant, and healthy locks.

Specifications: Size: 1kg. Key Ingredients: Vegetal Keratin, Avocado Oil, Silicone, Argan Oil, Vegetal Ceramides, D-Panthenol, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Cocoa, Rice Protein, Wheat Protein, Sugarcane Extract. Suitable for: All hair types, particularly damaged hair

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The 12 in 1 Hair Treatment Conditioning Cream is formulated with a rich blend of ingredients designed to nourish, repair, and protect hair. Here are the key ingredients mentioned:

Vegetal Keratin: Provides protein to the hair, helping to repair and strengthen the hair shaft, reducing breakage and frizz.
Avocado Oil: Rich in vitamins B and E, it deeply moisturizes dry hair, encourages hair growth, and helps to repair damage.
Silicone: Coats the hair strand, providing a smooth feel, adding shine, and protecting against heat and environmental damage.
Argan Oil: Known for its high content of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E, it hydrates and softens hair, improving its elasticity and restoring shine.
Vegetal Ceramides: Help restore the lipid barrier of the hair, improving moisture retention and providing a protective coat to seal in hydration and reduce split ends.
D-Panthenol: Also known as Provitamin B5, it penetrates the hair, providing long-lasting moisture, reducing breakage, and improving hair texture and elasticity.
Vitamin E: An antioxidant that supports a healthy scalp and hair, it reduces oxidative stress and preserves the hair's protective lipid layer.
Shea Butter: Offers extensive conditioning properties, soothes dry and itchy scalp, reduces frizz and flyaways, and protects hair from heat damage.
Cocoa: Rich in magnesium, cocoa helps to stop hair loss, and promotes healthy hair growth by improving blood circulation to the scalp.
Rice Protein: Strengthens hair fibers, increases hair volume, and adds natural shine.
Wheat Protein: Helps to repair and condition hair by replenishing lost protein, thereby reducing porosity and strengthening damaged hair.
Sugarcane Extract: Acts as a natural exfoliant for the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth by removing dead skin cells and improving circulation.
These ingredients work synergistically to provide comprehensive benefits, addressing a wide range of hair concerns from dryness and damage to lack of shine and vitality. The inclusion of natural oils and proteins ensures deep nourishment and repair, making the 12 in 1 Hair Treatment Conditioning Cream a potent solution for revitalizing and strengthening hair.

How to use

To harness the full potential of the 12 in 1 Hair Treatment Conditioning Cream and achieve the best results for your hair, follow these steps:

Wash Your Hair: Begin with clean, wet hair. It's essential to start with a clean canvas by washing your hair with a gentle shampoo to remove any buildup and allow the treatment to penetrate deeply.

Apply Generously: Scoop an ample amount of the 12 in 1 Hair Treatment Conditioning Cream, adjusting based on your hair length and thickness. This product is rich, so a little goes a long way, but make sure you cover all areas in need of treatment.

Distribute Evenly: Using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb, distribute the cream evenly throughout your hair. Focus on mid-lengths to ends where damage is typically most pronounced. Avoid applying too much product to the roots to prevent weighing your hair down, especially if you have fine or oily hair types.

Leave it On: Allow the treatment to work its magic for at least 10-15 minutes. For deeper conditioning, you can leave it on for up to 30 minutes. If you're in need of an intensive treatment, cover your hair with a plastic cap and apply gentle heat for enhanced penetration.

Rinse Thoroughly: After the waiting period, rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. Ensure all the cream is washed out to avoid any residue that could make your hair feel heavy or greasy.

Dry and Style: Gently towel-dry your hair and proceed with your usual drying and styling routine. For the best results, use a blow dryer on a cooler setting or allow your hair to air-dry.

Tips for Best Results:

Use Regularly: Incorporate this treatment into your hair care routine once a week or as needed based on your hair's condition and the level of repair required.
Detangle Gently: When distributing the product through your hair, take the opportunity to gently detangle with a wide-tooth comb, starting from the ends and working your way up to reduce breakage.
Customize Your Treatment: Adjust the amount of product and leave-on time based on your hair’s needs. More damaged hair may benefit from longer treatments.
By following these steps, you will maximize the restorative benefits of the 12 in 1 Hair Treatment Conditioning Cream, leaving your hair stronger, healthier, and more vibrant.

Professional Tip

For professional use and to maximize the benefits of the 12 in 1 Hair Treatment Conditioning Cream, consider the following expert tips:

Customize the Treatment: Understand that each client's hair is unique. Customize the treatment by adjusting the amount of product and the duration it is left in the hair based on the hair's condition, porosity, and texture. This personalized approach ensures each client receives the most benefits from the treatment.

Layer with Heat: For deeper penetration of the conditioning cream's active ingredients, apply gentle heat. Use a steamer or cover the hair with a warm, damp towel over a plastic cap. Heat opens up the hair cuticles, allowing the conditioning agents to penetrate more deeply and effectively.

Combine with Other Treatments: To address specific hair concerns, consider mixing the 12 in 1 Hair Treatment Conditioning Cream with other targeted treatments or natural oils. For example, adding a bit of pure argan oil can enhance shine and softness, while aloe vera can soothe the scalp. Always patch test to ensure compatibility.

Detangle Carefully: Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle hair while the cream is still applied, starting from the ends and working up to the roots. This reduces breakage and ensures even distribution of the product, allowing for maximum effect.

Rinse with Cool Water: After the treatment, rinse the hair with cool water. This helps to seal the cuticles, locking in moisture and the beneficial ingredients, and also boosts shine.

Follow-up Care: Advise clients on follow-up care to maintain the treatment's benefits. Recommend a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, and suggest limiting heat styling and chemical processes where possible.

Monitor Hair Health: Keep an eye on the hair's health and adjust the frequency of the treatments accordingly. Overuse of protein-rich products can lead to protein overload, making the hair feel stiff and brittle. Balance is key.

Educate Your Clients: Teach your clients how to maintain their hair's health at home between salon visits. Recommend using a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce breakage and maintaining a healthy diet to support hair health from the inside out.

By incorporating these professional tips into the application of the 12 in 1 Hair Treatment Conditioning Cream, stylists can provide an exceptional service that significantly improves the hair's health, strength, and appearance, ensuring clients leave the salon satisfied with lasting results.