Karseell, Hair Mousse Style Bubble Shine 200ml - Cosmetic Connection
Karseell, Hair Mousse Style Bubble Shine 200ml - Cosmetic Connection
Karseell, Hair Mousse Style Bubble Shine 200ml - Cosmetic Connection
Karseell, Hair Mousse Style Bubble Shine 200ml - Cosmetic Connection
Karseell, Hair Mousse Style Bubble Shine 200ml - Cosmetic Connection
Karseell, Hair Mousse Style Bubble Shine 200ml - Cosmetic Connection

BNC Mousse Style Bubble Shine 200ml

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Unleash the full potential of your hair with Karseell BNC Mousse Style Bubble Shine Spray, a dynamic 200ml styling product designed to provide lightweight, flexible hold while enhancing your hair’s natural brilliance. This unique mousse-spray hybrid combines the ease of a spray with the styling power of a mousse, delivering volume and shine without any stickiness or buildup.

Key Features:

  • Hybrid Formula: Combines the lightness of a spray with the hold and volume of a mousse.
  • Boosts Shine: Infused with ingredients that enhance hair's natural shine, leaving it looking radiant.
  • Flexible Hold: Offers a manageable hold that keeps styles in place while allowing for natural movement.
  • Volume Enhancement: Helps lift the roots and provide body, making it ideal for fine or limp hair.
  • No Stickiness: Unique formulation ensures a smooth finish without the tackiness often associated with styling mousses.
  • Weightless Feel: Leaves hair feeling light and airy, perfectly styled without feeling weighed down.
  • Quick Drying: Dries quickly to speed up styling time and efficiency.
  • Easy to Use: Simple spray application allows for even distribution and control.
  • Suitable for All Hair Types: Works effectively on all hair textures and lengths.
  • Refreshing Scent: Leaves hair smelling fresh and clean.

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Karseell BNC Mousse Style Bubble Shine Spray is your go-to choice for achieving salon-quality styles with ease and flair. Its innovative formula provides the perfect balance of hold and volume, ensuring your hair looks effortlessly polished and beautifully vibrant.


Here’s what you might typically find in such a product:

Water (Aqua): The primary solvent in which all other ingredients are dissolved or suspended.

Polyquaternium: A common polymer used in hair styling products to provide conditioning and holding properties.

PVP (Polyvinylpyrrolidone): A holding agent that helps form a film on hair, providing stiffness and support for styling.

Butane, Propane, Isobutane: Propellants commonly used in aerosol products to help dispense the product from the can.

Silicones (e.g., Dimethicone): Used to add shine and smoothness to the hair, helping to reduce frizz and make styling easier.

Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5): Acts as a humectant, helping to attract moisture into the hair and improve its texture.

Argan Oil: Provides nourishment and adds shine, enhancing the overall health and appearance of hair.

Ethanol (Alcohol): Often used in styling products for its quick-drying properties, helping to set hairstyles faster.

Fragrance (Parfum): Added to give the product a pleasant scent.

Conditioning Agents: Such as cetrimonium chloride, which helps to improve manageability and reduce static.

Preservatives: Such as phenoxyethanol or ethylhexylglycerin, to prevent microbial growth and extend the product’s shelf life.

For accurate and specific details, it's important to check the product's packaging or contact the manufacturer directly, especially if you have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients. This will ensure that you are fully aware of what you're applying to your hair, helping you avoid any potential irritants.

How to use

Using Karseell BNC Mousse Style Bubble Shine Spray effectively can transform your hairstyling routine by providing both volume and a flexible hold. Here’s how to use this product to get the best results:

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Karseell BNC Mousse Style Bubble Shine Spray:

Shake Well:

Before each use, shake the can vigorously to mix the mousse and spray components thoroughly.
Apply on Damp Hair:

For best results, apply the Bubble Shine Spray to clean, damp hair. This helps the product evenly distribute and adhere to your hair, enhancing the volume and hold.
Spray Evenly:

Hold the can a few inches away from your head and spray evenly throughout your hair, focusing on the roots for volume. If you have long hair, you can lift sections of hair and spray at the roots to boost root volume and body throughout your layers.
Massage Into Roots:

Use your fingers to gently massage the product into your roots. This not only helps to distribute the product evenly but also stimulates the roots, enhancing the volumizing effect.
Style as Desired:

After applying the spray, style your hair as usual. You can blow-dry your hair using a round brush to maximize volume and shape. The mousse will help hold your style in place without making your hair stiff.
Air or Blow Dry:

Allow your hair to air dry or use a blow dryer depending on your styling preference. The product is quick-drying, so if you’re in a rush, blow-drying will speed up the process and help set your style.
Additional Tips:

Volume Boosting Technique: For extra volume, flip your head upside down while blow-drying. This encourages the roots to lift away from the scalp, creating more body.
For Defined Curls: If you have curly hair, scrunch the hair with your hands as it dries to help define your curls and add bounce.
Touch-Up: You can also use this product on dry hair for a quick touch-up or extra lift during the day. Simply spray lightly at the roots and fluff with your fingers.
Combination Styling: Pair with other styling products if needed, such as serums or heat protectants, applying those first before using the Bubble Shine Spray.
By incorporating Karseell BNC Mousse Style Bubble Shine Spray into your hair care regimen, you can enjoy effortlessly stylish looks with added volume and radiant shine, perfect for any occasion.

Professional Tip

Using Karseell BNC Mousse Style Bubble Shine Spray effectively in a professional setting or for those seeking salon-quality results at home involves more than just application. Here’s a professional tip to maximize the effectiveness of this versatile styling product:

Layering and Heat Styling Techniques:

Prep and Prime:

Start with a good foundation by using a volumizing or clarifying shampoo and conditioner. This ensures the hair is clean and free of residues, allowing the styling product to work more effectively.
Apply to Damp Hair:

For optimal results, apply the Bubble Shine Spray to damp hair. This allows the product to distribute more evenly and adhere better to the hair strands, providing more effective hold and volume.
Section and Spray:

Divide the hair into sections and spray each section from roots to ends, focusing on the roots for volume. This technique ensures thorough coverage and helps you control where you want more lift and structure.
Use the Right Tools:

Pair the application with a blow dryer and a round brush for added volume and polish. Blow dry the hair by lifting sections with the round brush, focusing the dryer at the roots to maximize lift and body.
Heat Protection:

Although the mousse spray might have some protective qualities, using a separate heat protectant before applying heat styling tools is advisable, especially for hair that is prone to damage or dryness.
Lock in Style:

Once you've achieved the desired style, you can optionally use a light finishing spray to lock everything in place without compromising the movement and bounce created by the mousse spray.
Refresh and Revive:

For touch-ups or next-day styling, the Bubble Shine Spray can be lightly reapplied to dry hair to refresh the volume and maintain shine. Simply spritz a small amount onto roots or throughout the hair and restyle as needed.
Education for Clients:

If you're a professional, educate your clients on how they can use the product at home. Explain the benefits of the product and demonstrate the best ways to apply and style using the Bubble Shine Spray.
By incorporating these techniques, you enhance not only the performance of Karseell BNC Mousse Style Bubble Shine Spray but also the overall styling experience, ensuring your hair remains dynamic, voluminous, and radiant throughout the day.