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Brazilian 10A Bundle Straight 12"

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Cosmetic Connection Brazilian 10A Bundle Straight 12"

Discover the pinnacle of hair luxury with the Cosmetic Connection Brazilian 100g Bundle Straight. Sourced from the finest Brazilian human hair, this bundle is the epitome of elegance and quality. Each strand is meticulously selected to ensure a tangle and shed-free experience, promising longevity and ease of maintenance.

Boasting luxurious quality, the hair exhibits full density from root to tip, creating a naturally voluminous and sleek look. Whether you're aiming for a sophisticated straight style or a base for further styling, this 100g bundle is your go-to for a flawless hair transformation. Indulge in the unmatched beauty and quality of the Cosmetic Connection Brazilian Straight Bundle, a true treasure for any hair enthusiast.

How to use

Match Your Hair Color: Ensure the bundle matches your natural hair color or the color you desire. If not, consider dyeing the bundle, preferably by a professional.

Gather Your Tools: You’ll need a needle and thread, hair clips, scissors, a comb, and possibly a protective cap.

Prepare Your Natural Hair: Cornrow your natural hair flat against your scalp. For added protection, consider wearing a thin wig cap over your braids.

Measure and Cut Wefts: Measure the wefts against your head and cut them to fit from ear to ear or as needed. Avoid cutting too short.

Sew-In Method:

Start at the Nape: Begin at the nape of your neck. Secure the end of the weft with a knot and start sewing through the weft and your braid or cap, moving horizontally.
Work Your Way Up: Continue adding rows of wefts, working your way up to the crown of your head. Ensure each row is flat and secure.
Secure Each Weft: Make sure to tie a knot at the end of each weft to secure it in place.
Blend with Natural Hair: If you’re leaving out any of your natural hair, make sure to blend it with the straight bundles for a seamless look.

Style as Desired: You can style the Brazilian 100g Bundle Straight as you would your natural hair. It’s versatile, so feel free to straighten, curl, or cut it to achieve your desired look.

Maintenance: Regularly brush the hair to avoid tangles. Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners for washing.

Careful Removal: When you’re ready to remove the wefts, gently cut the thread and carefully remove each weft. Avoid cutting your natural hair.

Hair Care Post-Removal: After removing the wefts, take care of your natural hair with proper washing, conditioning, and moisturizing.

The Cosmetic Connection Brazilian 100g Bundle Straight offers a luxurious, full-density look that can easily elevate your hairstyle. With proper installation and care, you can enjoy a beautiful, natural-looking mane that’s both tangle and shed-free.

Professional Tip

To maximize the lifespan and maintain the luxurious quality of the Cosmetic Connection Brazilian 100g Bundle Straight, a professional tip is to seal the wefts before installation. Sealing the wefts can significantly reduce shedding and maintain the bundle's full density and pristine condition over time.

How to Seal the Wefts:

Choose a Weft Sealer: Select a high-quality weft sealer, available at most beauty supply stores. Opt for a sealer that dries clear and is specifically designed for hair extensions.

Prepare the Wefts: Before installing the bundle, lay the wefts flat on a clean surface. Make sure they are fully untangled and smooth.

Apply the Sealer: Apply the weft sealer along the top of the weft where the hair is attached. Be careful not to get the sealer on the hair strands themselves.

Allow to Dry: Let the sealer dry completely. This might take a few minutes. Follow the instructions on the weft sealer for the best results.

Repeat on Other Side: Once the first side is dry, turn the weft over and apply the sealer to the other side. Allow it to dry completely.

Install the Wefts: After the sealer has dried, you can proceed with the installation of the hair bundle.

By sealing the wefts, you add an extra layer of protection against shedding, ensuring that your Cosmetic Connection Brazilian 100g Bundle Straight maintains its luxurious, full density from end to end. This simple yet effective step can significantly enhance the longevity and appearance of your high-quality hair investment.