Sunlight, Hand Wash Powder 2kg - Cosmetic Connection
Sunlight, Hand Wash Powder 2kg - Cosmetic Connection

Hand Washing Powder 2kg

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Sunlight Hand Washing Powder 2kg

Sunlight Hand Washing Powder, a powerful and effective laundry detergent that is perfect for hand washing your clothes. Our powder is designed to remove even the toughest stains and dirt, leaving your clothes clean, fresh, and bright.

Made with high-quality ingredients, our Hand Washing Powder is tough on stains, but gentle on your hands. Its unique formula is designed to dissolve quickly and completely in water, ensuring maximum cleaning power and efficiency.

Easy to use, simply dissolve the powder in water, add your clothes, and wash by hand. The result is clean, fresh-smelling clothes that look and feel like new. Try Sunlight Hand Washing Powder today and experience the difference for yourself.

How to use

To use Sunlight Hand Washing Powder, follow these simple steps:

Fill a basin or sink with warm water.
Add a capful of Sunlight Hand Washing Powder to the water and stir to dissolve the powder.
Add your clothes to the water and agitate gently to distribute the powder.
Allow your clothes to soak in the water for several minutes.
Gently scrub any stains or heavily soiled areas with a soft-bristled brush.
Rinse your clothes thoroughly with clean water to remove all the soap and detergent.
Squeeze out excess water and hang your clothes to dry.
It's important to note that the amount of powder required may vary depending on the size of your load and the level of soiling. Be sure to read the instructions on the packaging for more specific guidelines.

Additionally, it's important to handle the powder with care and avoid inhaling it or getting it in your eyes. If you accidentally ingest the powder, seek medical attention immediately.

Lastly, remember that Sunlight Hand Washing Powder is a powerful and effective laundry detergent that is perfect for hand washing your clothes. It is not recommended for use in washing machines or on delicate fabrics, so always check the care label on your clothes before washing.

Professional Tip

A professional tip for using Sunlight Hand Washing Powder is to pre-treat any stubborn stains before washing. You can use a stain remover or a small amount of the powder mixed with water to make a paste and apply it directly to the stain. This will help to ensure that the stain is fully removed during the wash.

Another tip is to use warm water instead of hot water when washing your clothes. While hot water may seem like a better option for removing tough stains, it can actually damage your clothes and cause shrinkage or color fading. Warm water is effective at removing dirt and stains while also being gentle on your clothes.

Additionally, be sure to use the recommended amount of powder for each load and avoid using too much or too little. Using too much powder can result in excess suds, which can be difficult to rinse out and may damage your clothes. Using too little powder may result in clothes that are not fully clean.

Lastly, remember to always check the care label on your clothes before washing and follow any specific instructions or guidelines. Some fabrics may require special care or should not be washed with certain detergents, so it's important to read and follow the instructions to avoid damaging your clothes.