Kids Immune Syrup 200ml

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Vita Tech Kids Immune Syrup 200ml

  • Immune support for children

Core Elements

  • 33mg Vitamin C
  • 200iu Vitamin D3
  • 5mg Zinc

Why your kids should take Immune syrup

Vitamin C

  • Contributes to iron absorption from food, necessary for normal connective tissue structure and function, blood vessel structure & function, cell protection from free radical damage, normal neurological function, maintain immune system during & after physical stress, contribute to normal function of the immune system, normal collagen formation in the blood vessels, bone, cartilage, gums, skin, teeth, energy yielding metabolism, normal function of the nervous system, psychological, immune system, contributes to protection of cells from oxidative stress, reduction of tiredness and fatigue, regeneration of the reduced form of Vitamin E.

Vitamin D3

  • Vitamin D is necessary for normal absorption & utilization of calcium & phosphorus, cell division, normal bone structure, contributes to calcium & phosphorus absorption, maintenance of normal bones & teeth, muscle function, immune system function, role process of cell division.


  • Zinc. Necessary for normal immune system function, cell division, contributes to normal skin structure, acid-base metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, cognitive function, DNA synthesis, fertility and reproduction, micronutrient metabolism, fatty acid metabolism, metabolism of Vit A, protein synthesis, normal taste & smell, maintenance of normal bones, hair & skin, testosterone levels in blood, normal vision, protection cells from oxidative stress, cell division, constituent of insulin & many vital enzymes, to maintain normal Vit E levels in blood and increase the absorption of Vitamin A.


Ages 1-3: 5ml / 1 Teaspoon daily

Ages 4-5: 10ml / 2 Teaspoon daily

Ages 6-12: 15ml / 3 Teaspoon daily

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