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Discover the superior styling power of Eco Style Krystal Styling Gel, available in a convenient 473ml container. This gel is designed to provide maximum hold without sacrificing hair health, perfect for creating bold, long-lasting styles that require extra control and precision. Suitable for all hair types, it's formulated to keep your look in place all day with a vibrant, non-flaking finish.

Key Features:

  • Maximum Hold: Offers unmatched styling control for complex and elaborate hairstyles.
  • Clear Formula: Leaves no residue, ensuring a clean, sleek finish.
  • Non-Flaking: Advanced formulation prevents the common problem of flaking, maintaining a polished appearance.
  • Alcohol-Free: Protects hair from drying out, ensuring it remains hydrated and healthy.
  • Quick-Drying: Sets quickly to hold styles in place without the wait.
  • UV Protection: Includes ingredients that help protect hair from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Adds Shine: Enhances the natural luster of your hair for a glossy, attractive sheen.
  • Water-Based: Easy to wash out, without leaving buildup or stickiness.
  • Versatile Use: Effective on all hair types, from fine to thick, curly to straight.
  • Economical Size: The 473ml size offers ample product for regular use, providing great value.

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Eco Style Krystal Styling Gel is the perfect solution for anyone seeking a strong, dependable hold with a clean finish. Whether you're styling slick backs, pompadours, or any elaborate hairdo, this gel ensures your hair stays exactly where you want it, all while keeping it healthy and shiny.


Eco Style Krystal Styling Gel is known for its effective styling properties and ingredients that provide maximum hold without causing flaking or other common hair gel issues. Here's a typical list of ingredients you might find in this product:

Water (Aqua): The primary base of the gel, which helps in spreading the product evenly across the hair.

Carbomer: A thickener that helps to define the texture of the gel, providing the viscosity necessary for easy application and effective styling hold.

Triethanolamine: An emulsifier and pH adjuster that helps to balance the formula, making it gentle on the hair and scalp.

Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP): A polymer that provides excellent hold and forms a film around the hair shaft to maintain style and control.

Glycerin: A humectant that draws moisture into the hair, helping to hydrate the hair and reduce the risk of drying out from other ingredients.

Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate: Used as a preservative to prevent the growth of microbes in the product.

Polysorbate 20: Acts as a surfactant and emulsifier, improving the spreadability and texture of the product.

Tetrasodium EDTA: A chelating agent that binds with metal ions to improve the stability and effectiveness of the product.

Fragrance (Parfum): Added to give the gel a pleasant scent.

Love and Pride (CI 42090, CI 17200): Artificial colors used to give the gel its distinctive clear appearance.

These ingredients work together to provide a strong hold that can manage and maintain styles throughout the day without flaking, stickiness, or unwanted residue. It’s formulated to be suitable for all hair types, enhancing the appearance and manageability of the hair while also providing some hydration and protection against environmental factors. Always check the packaging for the most accurate and up-to-date ingredient list, especially if you have specific allergies or sensitivities.

How to use

Using Eco Style Krystal Styling Gel to achieve maximum hold and a flawless finish involves a few simple steps. Here’s how to get the best results from this powerful styling product:

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Eco Style Krystal Styling Gel:

Start with Clean Hair:

Begin by washing your hair to remove any previous product buildup or oils. Clean hair allows the styling gel to adhere better and provide a stronger hold.
Towel Dry Your Hair:

After washing, gently towel dry your hair. The gel works best on damp hair, not soaking wet, as it helps the product distribute more evenly.
Apply the Gel:

Scoop a small amount of gel onto your fingertips. Start with a small quantity; you can always add more if needed. Rub the gel between your palms to warm it up.
Distribute Evenly:

Apply the gel to your hair from roots to tips. Use your fingers or a comb to distribute it evenly. For slick styles, use a comb to ensure smooth coverage. For textured styles, work the gel in with your fingers.
Style as Desired:

Once the gel is applied, style your hair as desired. You can use a brush or comb for sleek looks or your fingers for more textured styles.
Allow to Dry:

Allow the gel to air dry for a natural finish, or use a hair dryer for faster setting. If using a hair dryer, consider using a diffuser attachment to prevent frizz and ensure even drying.
Add More If Necessary:

If you find areas that need more hold or where the gel hasn't covered completely, apply a bit more gel sparingly to these sections and restyle.
Final Touches:

Once your hair is styled and dry, you can add a light spray of hair spray for extra hold or shine spray for additional sheen, depending on your preference.
Additional Tips:

Avoid Overuse: Using too much gel can lead to flaking. Start with a small amount and increase only if needed.
Regular Washing: With regular use of styling products, ensure you cleanse your hair regularly to avoid buildup, which can lead to scalp issues.
Maintenance: For long-lasting styles, particularly in humid or windy conditions, carry a small amount of gel with you for quick touch-ups throughout the day.
By following these steps, you'll maximize the effectiveness of Eco Style Krystal Styling Gel, achieving long-lasting styles that look great and stay put all day.

Professional Tip

When using Eco Style Krystal Styling Gel in a professional salon setting or for achieving salon-quality styles at home, it’s important to harness its properties optimally for standout results. Here's a professional tip to elevate the effectiveness of this styling gel:

Layering and Locking Technique:

Preparation is Key:

Ensure the hair is perfectly clean and free from any previous product buildup. Using a clarifying shampoo can be beneficial before styling, especially if the hair tends to accumulate residues. This will help the gel to adhere better and provide a stronger, more durable hold.
Apply on Damp Hair:

The gel should be applied to damp (not wet or completely dry) hair. This helps in evenly distributing the gel and achieving a smoother finish. Damp hair is more manageable and responsive to styling products.
Heat Protection Integration:

If you plan to use heat tools after applying the gel (such as blow dryers or straighteners), always use a heat protectant spray first. This protects the hair from heat damage and helps to seal in the style.
Correct Application Technique:

For styles that require sleek, smooth finishes like ponytails or slick-back looks, use a fine-tooth comb to distribute the gel evenly. For textured or voluminous styles, work the gel through with your fingers to add lift and separation.
Layer for Stronger Hold:

Apply a light layer of gel, style as desired, then once the initial layer has set, apply a second layer of gel to areas that need extra hold. This technique provides a more durable hold without making the hair stiff or flaky.
Blow Dry to Set:

Use a blow dryer on a low or medium setting to quickly set the gel. The heat helps to firm up the hold and can help reduce any stickiness or tackiness in the hair.
Finishing Sprays:

After the gel has dried and the hair is styled, apply a light mist of finishing spray or hairspray. This will lock the style in place and add a layer of humidity resistance, which is crucial for maintaining styles in varying environmental conditions.
Client Education:

Teach clients how to apply the gel properly at home. Explain the importance of using the right amount and how to achieve the desired look without overusing the product, which can lead to buildup and flaking.
Regular Maintenance:

Advise clients on maintaining their style and the health of their hair. Regular washing with a gentle shampoo and deep conditioning treatments can help keep hair in optimal condition, especially if using styling products frequently.
By following these professional tips, you can maximize the potential of Eco Style Krystal Styling Gel, ensuring your styles not only look great but are also practical for all-day wear, comfortable, and maintain the health of the hair.